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Querido Equine Enrichment

I worked as the Project Manager and Creative Director of the branding and logo design for Querido Equine Enrichment. The goal of Querido Equine Enrichment is to provide scientifically tested equine enrichment
products that are tailored to enhance horse well-being, elevate care standards and foster overall brain development. Primarily targeted to young woman aged 12-18 who want to provide their horses with optimal care. My vision was to create a logo that would stand out on a shelf on horse products or on a banner at a trade show. I ensured we included additional branding elements to further strengthen this identity, including business cards, pins, and product embossing examples as well.

There were 6 groups working on their own versions of a logo and brand design for this company. Each group presented their concepts to the owner who then met with her board of directors to discuss. The results are in and we were selected as the chosen winner and number one design!

Stay tuned for more to come as the logo and new brand design is revealed later this year!