design layout


Full Magazine Layout

I created a full houseplant-themed magazine that features articles on the benefits of indoor plants, tips for plant care, and an article on why houseplants are good for your health. To complement the content, I sourced high-quality images of various types of houseplants and placed them throughout the magazine. It was requested to have a image collage on a double spread. Instead of going with a traditional collage route, I achieved this goal by creating a more structured collage using slices of different images placed together. I also designed a mini advertisement with mobile and Ipad mock-ups to promote the magazine’s app.

I chose a green, orange and white colour scheme to tie in with the plant theme and give the magazine a fresh and natural look. For the two advertisements, I carefully selected products that complemented the magazine’s theme. To enhance the reading experience, I used a mix of fonts and formatting techniques using Adobe InDesign to make the text easy to read and engaging. Overall, the magazine layout showcases the beauty and benefits of indoor plants while maintaining a professional and stylish appearance.