Mohawk Student Association

Lead Graphic Designer

MSA Portfolio

As a graphic designer at the Mohawk Student Association (MSA), I am responsible for creating a variety of print and digital promotional graphics to help promote events, programs and activities to the student body.

I am delighted to share that I have been appointed as the first Lead Graphic Designer at the MSA for the 2023-2024 term. This elevated role involves not only overseeing a talented team of student graphic designers but also taking charge of guiding projects from inception to fruition. Through this experience, I’ve refined my project management skills and demonstrated excellence in facilitating seamless communication across various departments.

An awesome project I worked on was creating a sticker decal for Menstrual Hygiene Dispensers. The MSA’s commendable initiative of offering free menstrual products inspired me to create a distinctive graphic decal that diverges from the conventional MSA branding style.

Mohawk College has also decided to have the dispensers installed, a second print run with the college’s branding style!

Club Logos

I am pleased to present the club logos I’ve crafted. Utilizing Adobe Illustrator, I worked closely with club members, incorporating their specific requests to design visually impactful and representative logos. Each logo reflects the unique identity of its respective club, emphasizing a collaborative approach and attention to detail.