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As a graphic designer at the Mohawk Student Association (MSA), I am responsible for creating a variety of print and digital promotional graphics to help promote events, programs and activities to the student body.

I was recently promoted as the first Graphic Design Student Lead at the MSA for 2023-2024. This means I have added responsibilities such as managing a team of student graphic designers and overseeing projects from start to finish. I also assist in communicating with other departments, decision-making and developing the MSA’s visual identity.

One of my favourite projects I have worked on at the MSA was to create a sticker decal for Menstrual Hygiene Dispensers. The MSA generously provides free menstrual products to those who require them. It was an awesome experience to design a unique graphic decal that sets itself apart from the typical MSA branding style. I look forward to seeing more of my designs installed around campus!