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Boos Menu

I love creating menus, and when I designed the “Boo Bash” Halloween Event cocktail menu, I was all about the details. I fine-tuned four cocktail images in Adobe Photoshop, then brought everything together in Adobe Illustrator.

My aim was to match the menu’s look to the event’s promotional graphics, I did this by adding an orange outline to the title and using a dark background. I organized everything with care, making sure it was easy to read. I picked colours that matched the drinks and used the same colours for pricing to keep it all in harmony. I also had to find the perfect spot for the alcoholic/non-alcoholic type so make sure it is clear and easy for readers to locate so I placed the copy right under the price. To jazz it up I added cobwebs to the drinks, and for the finishing touch, I included the white dots from the event promoter’s branding style.


Rojo Menu

The Rojo menu design features a striking combination of red, white and black colours to create a clean and contemporary look. The hand-drawn style illustrations used in the menu make it fun and interesting while highlighting the Mexican cuisine offered.

The challenge for this design was to find a way to highlight the Fajita section. I accomplished this by creating a box that had a red ribbon that was consistent with the front cover ribbon of the menu. My typography choices are easy to read and complements the overall design.

The use of white space in the menu enhances the clean look of the design while making it easier for customers to navigate. Altogether, the Roco menu design draws attention and entice customers to order and enjoy the traditional Mexican dishes.