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Leave It Food Share App

I developed the “Leave It” app as a proactive solution to address food insecurity within communities. The app harnesses the power of a community food share program, allowing grocers, restaurants, and local community members to share surplus, unused food at no cost. Designed with a user-friendly interface, the app prioritizes legibility to ensure a seamless and accessible experience. “Leave It” exemplifies my commitment to leveraging graphic design to contribute to meaningful social impact, creating an innovative and visually engaging solution for a pressing issue.

I employed two crucial research methods to gain valuable insights into user experiences and interactions. The first method, an empathy map, played a pivotal role in providing a deeper understanding of users’ emotions and experiences. By mapping out their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, I was able to empathize with their perspectives, ensuring that the final design not only meets functional needs but also resonates on a more personal and emotional level. This method is essential because it allows designers to create solutions that are not only technically sound but also genuinely address the users’ needs and concerns.

The second research method I utilized was a user flow map, a strategic tool to dissect and comprehend the various pathways users might take when navigating through the app. This method is indispensable in identifying potential pain points, optimizing user journeys, and ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience. By mapping out the steps users take, I gained valuable insights into the app’s usability, making informed decisions to enhance functionality and overall user satisfaction.